Representation by continents

The Executive Committee has decided to follow the IBSA rule of the countries by allocating them on the respective continents, thus disappearing the representation of Oceania being Asia Pacific.

In the 2020 edition, as there is no champion of the previous edition, 9 vacancies will be distributed across continents, the 10th being allocated to the host country.

1 initial vacancy has been assigned to each continent

The remaining 5 vacancies were distributed through the formula of the coefficient of the points of the 10 best countries of each continent in the IBSA ranking and then the distribution by the representative method of Hondt.

This formula assigns vacancies across continents:

Europe - 3 clubs

America - 3 clubs

Asia - 2 clubs

Africa - 1 Club

We explain the distribution of representation on each continent:

1- The continent that has a club representative entity defines the criteria for vacancies.

2 - The continent that does not have a club representative entity will be for the most important international club tournament on this continent.

3 - All other continents will be invited to the champions of the country, according to the IBSA ranking in that continent, in case they decline the invitation will be attributed to the next country.

In Europe that owns the European Goalball Club Association, has defined that the representatives will be the winner of the Super European Goalball League and the remaining vacancies by the European club ranking.

In the case of America, 2 seats will be awarded by the Grand Slam, the remaining seats will be allocated by point 3.

The Executive Committee