Pavilhão Multiusos de Odivelas - Multipurpose Pavilion of Odivelas

It is the second largest pavilion located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, just after the Atlantic Pavilion. It is a multifunctional space capable of hosting a wide variety of events and competitions, which allows spectacles, congresses, conferences, seminars, ecumenical meetings, small or large meetings, product launches, catering, fairs and exhibitions to be held. It is a place of great comfort, with excellent air conditioning and extraction of fumes, technical solutions of support of world-wide level. It has a logistics of spaces with no national comparison, with the support of national dressing rooms / dressing rooms.

It also has the Multipurpose Gymnasium that is inserted in a modern space with excellent design and where users can enjoy various physical activities that will provide you with well-being, health, quality of life and vitality, without contracts or commitments.


Pavilhão Multiusos de Odivelas

Alameda do Porto Pinheiro,

2675-668 Odivelas